Šediváčkův long 2007- XI. year of extrem race of sleddogs teams in Orlické hory mountains- to the honour of the International Polar year 2007


Reportáž z Deštného na 53:10


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XI.year of Šedivackův long will take place on 23-27/01/2007 in Deštné in Orlické mountains and will be dedicated to the honour of the International Polar year 2007.

Motto of the race 2007: “ Let’s go towards the polar worlds…“

Photogallery 2007 here


Dear Friends, we have very enjoyable information for you.

ŠEDIVÁČKÚV LONG 2007-will take place no matter how much snow is!!!

It means: donť give up training, preparation of equipment and organising hollyday. The only thing to mention is:

donť forget your training cart at home.

Yust in case the order of snow is not fullfilled.

Many greetings Pavel Kučera


You can see our new booklets for Šediváčkův long 2007

Leták 07 , Propozice 07 , Plakát 07

The year 2007 was worldwidely pronounced the “International Polar Year”.

The Polar section of the Czech Geographic society decided to organize an art exhibition called “The magic of the polar world”. This exhibition will be connected with lots of other important programs and meetings with famous people from the field of science, travellers and the experts on the both Arctic and Antarctic polar world. All the events will take part between 15/11/2006 – 07/01/2007 in Chodovské tvrzi in Prague.

The patronage of this event was given to JUDr. Petr Pithart, the first vice-chairman of the Senate of the Czech Republic, RNDr. Libor Ambrozek, the minister of the environment, the Department of Education, Sport and Youth of the Czech Republic, J.E. Jorgen Bojer, the ambassador of Denmark, Austrian Cultural Forum, Czech Geographic society, etc.
Since ancient times people living in the distant lands, where the winter is longer than other seasons, have been using the dog sled to the transport of people and the load. The dog sled has been also used to the exploring of the unknown polar worlds and to reaching of both Poles.
The organizers of Šediváčkův long will take part in the exhibition. They were offered an exhibition space and the possibility to introduce the dog sled, which has always been inseparably connected with the polar worlds, at the exhibition opening on 15/11/2006 and at the following event “Polar day” on 09/12/2006. At the same time there will be a lecture about the dog sled and its use for human being from past till now at the Chodovská tvrz on 08/12/2006.

The list of competitors for year 2007 here

Term: 23 to 27 of Jenuary 2007:

333 km
222 km
Tu 23.1.2007 till 16:00
Pre-race checking
    after 16:00
Funny show for visitors, sleddog sport promotion
Open ceremony- fa Sport Profi s.r.o.
Start - 46 km
We 24.1.2007 10:00
Start - 85 km
Start - 60 km
Th 25.1.2007 10:00
Start - 90 km to bivouac in Poland
Start - 60 km to bivouac in Poland
Fr 26.1.2007 09:00
Start - 70 km
Start - 60 km
Sa 27.1.2007 09:00
Start - 42 km
Start - 42 km

Final ceremony and awards, full screen photo show, entertaining program and seling stands on place
During all the time of the race there is the possibility to have a ride on the dog-sled in the area of pension house Kristyna.

More info about the race 2007 here

The contact to the race manager:

Pavel Kučera, Nová 303, 38451 Volary, Czech republic, Tel: 00420 602 109 583, E-mail: mueller.kucera@web.de


There was a meeting of the organizers and helpers at the pension house in Deštné - Jedlová on the 5th May 2006 to start the necessary preparation before the next year of Šediváček. Among all whocame there was also lady senator Mrs. Václava Domšová and newborn babygirl Kačenka Rampušáková, the patrons of Šediváček 2007. Pavel Kučera pre-celebrated his birthday with a purple sled dog on his birthdaycake.

Preparing activities:

February-April: Finishing and awarding the event for sponsors, asking for permission for next year, new websites, making film and developping the photos from the race.

May-August: Preparing the propagation materials, posters, translation of the websites to German adn English, cooperation with the sponsors, propagation of the advertising film Deštné 2006.

September: Czech-Polish musher and helpers´seminar and lectures - generally about mushing - takes place at the pension house Kristýna.

October: The exhibition of photographs of three photographers - "Dog sledding in Orlické mountains": Petra Anderlová, Míra Kubeček, Thomas Ackermann.

November: Lecturing seminar for the organizers of the race, looking at and checking the trail on the Czech and Polish side.

Photos provided by Petra Anderlová



There was a meeting on the loft of SAMOHÝL a.s. company in Lomnice nad Popelkou where the manager Mr. Pavel Kučera met the main sponsors of the race. They discussed the mistakes that have happened at the just finished tenth year and gave new ideas and comments for the next year of the race.


19.4.2006- The news about the applied competitiors:

Rampusak family in summer time.

… And here we have a photo of a musher Mr. Tiang-joul from the South Pole who has already applied for Šediváčkův long 2007. The picture catches the view of the start at the training with his new team: NEW – EXTRA POWER – FAST breed with the minimum care with feeding and lodging.

At the time of the polar summer our competitor fills the time with preparing the hopeful breed while the rest of his team has left to the summer training camp where they train surviving at the difficult bivouac in the snowy conditions.

We wish a good luck to team in next winter!!!


Created by Jana Henychova, 2006

Deštné v Orlických horách

RENTPOINT oficiální dopravce Šediváčkova longu

MVDr. Petr Hrabák veterinární ordinace Prachatice, tel. 602495545
TESAŘSTVÍ Čančara- Konečný Bílý Újezd u Dobrušky